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Oooo! It's even shot at Alcatraz!

 The Prison Pushup Series

Regular readers of this site know that it's no secret how much I love the Convict Conditioning series of books - so I really couldn't wait to get my hands on the two new (there will eventually be a total of SIX!) DVD and Manual sets ASAP!!!  My full reviews are on the Dragon Door site, so scroll down on that product page and see what I had to say about them (Spoiler alert: THEY RULE!)

Al Kavadlo Book Signing Party Video! See if you recognize a few people! :)

This was SUCH a fun event!!!   And check out all the awesome feats demonstrated too!!!


And go get Raising the Bar now!!! :)  It's a really great book for all levels - even if you're still working towards your first pull up! 

It's Almost a Game: A Workout for Kettlebells and Friends

Sometimes on Friday my small group class gets even smaller (some of the guys have a standing soccer commitment, etc.).  Occasionally, I take this opportunity to write up a kind of "funtime" workout that is keeps the skill level basic.  This allows me to participate on occasion, which I think is important because it helps me monitor the intensity of certain combiniations, rest periods etc.  Besides any excuse to have fun and test things out first hand is good by me.  Also, Friday's crowd tends to be pretty in touch with their skills and have learned when they need to back off the intensity when necessary.

Hanging Around - Pull Up Variations and anywhere workouts

Like to think that a video which starts out with fashion head nods to both Bruce Lee and Cliff Harski* bodes well.  Let's see if you feel the same way?

Here's a little of the fun that happened on the way out and back from a coffee run.   This is also similar to what happens when I got to pick up a custom made chocolate order... who said walking errands had to be boring?   Taking cues from both Convict Conditioning and Al Kavadlo's Raising the Bar, means the world is now my gym (safety is the utmost of course - regardless of what crazy i-beam plyo pull ups you may have seen on the internet lately - that video literally makes my hands sweat uncontrollibly btw.  I can't watch it without having that response.   GAH!!!!)

Now We Get to Act Like A Bunch of ANIMALS... a kettlebell and bodyweight workout!

So much inspiration and creativity stemming from the recent visit to NYC, Nimble Fitness, Equinox, and of course Al Kavadlo's Saturday Morning class.  This particular workout's "warm up" was directly influenced by the warmup from Al's class I attended.   Lacking access to Thompson Square Park, I came up with a simple circuit punctuated with our favorite 2 hand kettlebell swings (I had a variety of kettlebells available so the exercises could be performed properly with the right amount of weight etc.).
We chose a nice shaded area with a large concrete pad, did our favorite joint mobility warm up then proceeded to traverse down and back on the large pad with the following:

Ideas about indoor kettlebell and bodyweight workouts

I keep checking to see if any of the neighbors are building an ark.  Seriously... the rain—all week... rain rain rain rain rain.   AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!   This is especially annoying for people who like to walk to their errand destinations, who like to practice beginner and clutch flags on any available safe pole, who like to do fingertip pull ups off of various pieces of architecture...

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